Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

BiOS, Inc. (“BiOS” or “We”) a SECOM Group company, provides a customizable suite of IT managed services, always focusing on accommodating your business needs and adding the right value to it.  We recognize crucial management issues that have a serious bearing upon its existence by ensuring information security of information and information system (hereinafter referred to as “Information Assets”) necessary for achieving business goals.  BiOS, based on the SECOM Group information security management philosophy, strives to refine our core values through implementing security objectives and management solutions, along with a continuous and stable business environment while giving a sense of security and trust to the client. 

 All of our employees recognize the importance of information security and BiOS has decided on the following basic policies for the protection of Information Assets. 

1. BiOS shall plan and implement appropriate management measures from the point of view of confidentiality, integrity and availability in order to protect information that may seriously affect business activities. We shall treat confidential client information, expertise, employee personal information and end user information as sensitive and shall devise ways in order to assure the security of such information. 

2. BiOS shall strictly abide by all laws and regulations on information security and privacy protection, adopting international norms within information security management based on the business development in Japan. We shall determine the type of information security regulations to ensure information security that reflect operational, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as information security obligations and punishment for violations based on contract." 

3. At BiOS, confidential information is handled when strictly necessary and only by staff that are authorized to handle confidential information.

4. The information security environment is constantly changing. To accommodate these changes, BiOS continues to make constant improvements on its management of information security. In addition, we recognize that neglecting vulnerabilities in security increases the risk for the protection of information, so it will always exert efforts to deal with such problems. 

5. BiOS, based on its recognition that deep understanding by all organization members on security management and their participation is essential, it holds appropriate education and training for all of its employees, together with its continued implementation of effective educational activities in order to check their level of understanding and raise their awareness.  

Created on. September 9, 2016

Last modified on. April 1, 2018  


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