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Making a move from one job to another is always a complicated process that requires a lot of effort and thought, not only by you, the job seeker, but also on the part of any responsible consultant helping you look for your next ideal job. At BiOS we take pride in offering a quality service to both our clients and our candidates to ensure that both sides of the hiring process are happy with the results, the client because they have an excellent candidate who fits their needs well, and the candidate because they are applying to the job they want to do.

Over the years, BiOS has successfully placed candidates across a broad range of positions across a wide field of industries, and using a quality driven interviewing approach to make sure that only the right fit is presented, make sure that job seekers are both screened effectively and kept informed.

Staffing and Recruitment
As a fully-licensed human resources provider, our customized staffing and recruitment services provide our clients with cost-effective and specialized bilingual resources.
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Operating unrestrictedly in accordance with all legal and ethical policies set forth by the Japanese Government in relation to the handling and management of personal data and information.
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Each of our staffing consultants are committed to providing you, the job seeker, with the information and assistance that you need to make an informed and intelligent choice about what you rnext career move should be. At BiOS we understand that your next career move is not simply changing from one job to another, but a huge change in a person's life, and something that we, in helping you, take very seriously. Each candidate is unique, as are their needs and personality, so we make sure that in understanding this uniqueness we help you achieve what you are ultimately looking for, your next ideal job.

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