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Frequently Asked Questions

Staffing Frequently Asked Questions

BiOS is an IT Systems Integration business operating in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. We provide IT solutions, services, and support to foreign multinational firms, including some of the world's largest financial corporations. BiOS stands out from our competitors in our focus in employing motivated and experienced professionals that understand the domestic and regional IT markets. More than 90% of BiOS staff are bilingual and this, combined with our commitment to employing the latest industry best practices and procedures is the foundation for building a lasting reputation with our clients and in the market. Our engineers, consultants and project managers work directly with our clients to build and deliver complete and tailored solutions to meet or exceed your company needs and goals.

BiOS began operations in 1998 with a mission of becoming Japan's leading bilingual IT solutions provider - focused on delivering customized services at market-competitive pricing. Since then we have developed strategic partnerships with a growing number of major Japanese firms, and have established close ties with some of the world's leading IT vendors. As BiOS continues to grow, so does our commitment to delivering services that set us apart from our competitors.

01. How can I register my profile on BiOS?
We accept entries through our HP, email and Phone. Once we have a open positions that matches candidates experience and skill, one of our consultants will be in contact to start the process.
02. How long does it take to register?
Depending on individual speed but approx 15-30 min to register all required information.
03. What is the interview process for BiOS?
We will set up a Telephone Language Acessment (English or Japanese) with one of our consults then followed by Face to face interview at our Minami Aoyama Office.
Also we may set up a technical interview with one of our senior engineers depending on introduced position.
04. What is the required English and Japanese language level for positions at BiOS?
The level would differ depending on the position, however most of our positions usually require business level (Speaking, reading and Writing) for both English and Japanese.
05. Does BiOS charge any form of fees for introduction?
NO, there is no fee with BiOS.
06. What kind of service does BiOS Staffing provide?
It takes a certain amount of time and money for any company to hire an appropriate person without using a recruitment of staffing services firm. Our main service benefit is to reduce the time and money for the client company by conducting a three step screening process on your behalf to introduce qualified candidates to our clients.
BiOS is able to provide Recruiting, Staffing and Managed Services or a combination to our clients.
07. What kind of candidates do you introduce to the client company?
BiOS main focus is on IT infrastructure searches for Multinational companies in Japan.
Our candidates range from level 1 helpdesk all the way to senior level IT Management including C- level positions. With this our core business and the majority of our candidates fit in and around mid-level infrastructure engineers. In order to introduce the best candidate, our experienced Account Managers and/or Staffing Consultants will begin the process by listening carefully to the needs of each client company.
08. Tell me about your main client companies
BiOS’s main clients are foreign capital companies in Japan, with no specific industry focus but with a focus on supporting their IT infrastructure needs.
09. What kind of background and experience does your consultant have?
Our Account Managers and Staffing Consultants are mostly bilingual and often have extensive work experience in the staffing / recruiting services industry here in Japan. We also provide in depth training and professional development opportunities for all our consultants.
10. Tell me about your types of contract
BiOS offers our clients the option of three services.
  • • Staffing
  • • Recruiting (Contingency search)
  • • Managed Services
11. How do you treat if the placed candidate resigns?
We strive to create a win-win situation for both the client and the candidate. However, in some cases, for a variety of reasons the match is not successful. If a candidate leaves within an agreed guarantee period of his or her own accord, we will do our best to replace that candidate with a new candidate at no additional cost. If this is not possible we will offer a variable refund of the recruiting fee.
Contact our Sales Representatives for details:
Phone. +81 3 4588 2221
Fax. +81 3 4588 2229