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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BiOS is a fully licensed Staffing (haken 般13-304845) and Recruiting (jinzai shokai 13-ユ-304867) services provider, operating unrestrictedly in accordance with all legal and ethical policies set forth by the Japanese Government in relation to the handling and management of personal data and information.

During the interview and screening process, and in accordance with legal and ethical standards, we will collect personal data both from your submitted resume, online job portal websites and your conversations with BiOS employees. We understand the sensitivity of your personal information and will under no circumstances share this data with any 3rd party, either domestic or international, without your expressed formal consent. In addition, BiOS employees will use information collected from candidates strictly for employment introduction services, to include full and part-time employment opportunities with BiOS and its clients.

Your personal information will be handled and managed in accordance with the strictest industry and legal standards, and only accessible by BiOS employees. If at any time, you wish to remove any or all of your submitted information (profile, resume, work history, etc.), we agree to delete any and all personal data from our secure database immediately upon receipt of your written confirmation to do so. In addition, if you wish to be removed from our BiOS JOB MAIL subscription list, we will also do so within 24-hours.

Lastly, while we reserve the right to make changes to our PRIVACY POLICY, any and all changes will be posted on the BiOS homepage (

Thank you again for taking the time to review our PRIVACY POLICY and also for your interest in BiOS.

Mina Tsuchiya
Chief Executive Officer of BiOS, Inc.