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BiOS has over 10 years of experience in providing unique IT solutions to our clientele in the Metropolitan Tokyo area. Committed to always remaining one step ahead of the rapidly growing IT market, we too are constantly broadening our services, both technically and geographically. Keeping in mind the central importance of customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, our focus is to become Japan's leading systems integration firm, not only working to build Japan's IT industry, but to define it as well.

At BiOS we are committed to quality of service, and it shows in our clients' market success. With a hands-on approach we provide risk-free IT solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and work with you from the initial stages. In order to guarantee this we offer a wide range of IT services such as the following:

IT Support
Having a proper level of IT support is a key issue for any organization; however depending on the amount of users and the complexity of the IT environment, it is not always cost effective to employ full-time resource(s) to handle the day to day issues that may arise. At BiOS we offer a comprehensive IT support system which we call "Shared Services" in order to assist our clients with their IT support needs.
Infrastructure Projects
At BiOS we are committed to working directly with our clients at all stages of a project to ensure complete satisfaction at all stakeholder levels. We understand the importance of efficient project management, and pride ourselves in being able to offer superior services at competitive prices.

Data Center Support
BiOS offers competitive hosting/co-location services that can be combined with our support solutions to provide a complete managed service. And for clients with existing enterprise level datacenters, BiOS is able to offer support ranging from a purely ad-hoc basis, all the way up to an onsite managed team.
Cloud Computing
Understand how BiOS can help your organization achieve higher performance with our new Virtualization Service. At BiOS we offer IT environment assessment and virtualization planning, datacenter and desktop virtualization implementation, disaster recovery management consulting.
With a wealth of experience in implementing global pricing agreements and an intricate knowledge of the difference in product specifications between Japan and the rest of the world, we are confident that BiOS is fully capable to fulfill any and all of your procurement requirements in mainland Japan.

Whether you're a small foreign company looking to break into the Japanese market or a multinational corporation looking to get an edge on the competition, we are capable of providing a multitude of services that span the entire IT spectrum. Our engineers and managers work directly with you from the beginning to provide an individually-tailored IT Solution that will help you gain a considerable market advantage and improve operations.

What's more, BiOS sets itself apart in its commitment to employing bilingual professionals across the board who have extensive IT experience and understanding of the Japanese IT market. Whatever the request, large or small, BiOS has the experience, the means and the know-how to provide you with the solutions and support you need to run your business.

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